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Energy Summit 2011 - The Outcome

Yesterday David Cameron and his Secretary of State for Energy, Chris Huhne, met with chief executives from the big six energy companies and representatives from the UK's major consumer groups, in an attempt to help customers with the rising cost of energy bills.

The outcomes of the Energy Summit include:

  • Check, Switch & Insulate to Save - a commitment to ensure that customers are aware of the potential savings they can make by checking their energy deal, switching tariffs and/or energy supplier and insulating.

  • Alternative Payment Methods - Energy suppliers will urgently write to 8 million quarterly credit customers to tell them how they can save energy by switching to an alternative payment method.

  • Better Billing - This winter you can expect signpost messages on your bill pointing to a cheaper tariff. The energy suppliers have also promised to look into ways to enable you to compare your gas and electricity usage.

  • Warmer Homes - From December this year 4 million of the most vulnerable households in the country will receive a letter telling them that they are eligible for free or heavily discounted insulation. The letters will be sent by government and will direct eligible customers to an independent helpline.

  • Smarter Switching - Energy companies have agreed to give customers access to their data in electronic format in order to make switching suppliers easier.

If you need help with insulating your home or want free, independent energy efficiency advice please contact Action Surrey today!

For more information about the outcomes of the Energy Summit click here.