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Incentives for Electric Vehicle charging points in the workplace

27 February 2017

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Electric vehicle (EV) use is on the rise. Between April and June 2016, 9220 new cars and 220 new vans eligible for plug in grants were registered in the UK. That’s a 51% increase compared to the same period in 2015. While EV charging might take place mostly at home, workplaces also need to prepare for this shift. According to study evidence (Hutchins et al., 2013), 28% of EV users report daily or weekly charging sessions at work.

The government’s Workplace Charging Scheme makes it easier for businesses to support the change, offering up to 20 vouchers per organisation to a maximum value of £300 each to help with the costs of EV chargepoint installation. This grant not only supports workplaces with an existing need for EV infrastructure, but is also available to organisations actively looking to encourage uptake. If you’re a business owner hoping to support your employees in making the switch, you can read more about eligibility criteria here:

Workplace charging scheme guidance for applicants, installers and manufacturers

The Workplace Charging Grant can also help you change to an EV fleet, a move that’s well worth thinking about. According to Hutchins et al (2013), over 40% of EV fleet owners cited ‘save fuel money’ as a reason for buying EV. Not without good reason; to find out how much you could save on fuel, click here:

Do electric cars now make financial as well as environmental sense?

Answers from the same study also revealed that over 25% of respondents cited ‘tax benefits’ as a reason for switching. More recently, the government has published guidance on the tax implications of ultra low emissions vehicles for businesses, including enhanced capital allowances and price differentials for company car tax. To find out more about exactly what this could mean for your business, click here:

Tax benefits for ultra low emission vehicles

The benefits of electric vehicles are not only environmental and whether you’re looking to support your employees in making the switch or to invest in an EV fleet now may be the time.

Action Surrey, through their installer network, can put businesses in touch with accredited installers who can offer electric vehicle chargepoints, and can also access funding through the Workplace Charging Scheme. Why wait? Contact Action Surrey today to start your journey towards sustainable workplace transport.

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