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Action Surrey is an impartial energy advice service set up by local councils across Surrey as well as Surrey County Council*.

Action Surrey helps Surrey residents to save money on their energy bills, keep warm and reduce their environmental impact.

Our trained energy advisors can help identify options for making your home more comfortable and suggest ways to help you save money on your energy bills.

In addition, Action Surrey can determine if you are eligible for grants or other financial contributions towards the cost of the installing energy efficiency improvements to your property.

Action Surrey has a network of trusted and experienced installers who can install various energy saving measures and operate a direct referral route with these installers where residents are identified as eligible for grant funding.

To find out how you could save money on your energy bills, call 0800 783 2503 today to speak with an energy advisor, email us at or complete an online enquiries form to arrange for free advice about home energy improvements.

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*Action Surrey is a partnership scheme managed by ThamesWey Sustainable Communities a company wholly owned by Woking Borough Council.