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Help for Residents: Off-Gas Consumer Information

Across the whole of Britain, 3.7 million households are not connected to mains gas heating. Due to the rising cost of energy prices, certain communities are started to buy oil on a large scale. These oil buying groups purchase oil in bulk on behalf of its members which enables them to negotiate the best price per litre. 

Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE)

In England, ACRE has a list of members of the Rural Community Action Network who are helping rural residents by bulk-buying central heating oil at a much better price than individuals can get for themselves. In Surrey, you can contact Surrey Community Action to find out more about their project.

ACRE, Citizens Advice and the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers (FPS) have produced "Best Practice for Oil Buying Groups". This documnet gives you more information on buying groups, this can be downloaded below.

Best Practice for Oil Buying Groups

Price Comparison Sites

If you would like more information on switching your off-gas energy supplier, there are a few websites where you can compare and save:

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