Help for Residents

Information for the Private Rented Sector

ExemptionNotesLength Exemption

Relevant Improvement Made Exemption

  • The property has an EPC E rating after improvements up to cost cap.
  • Or, there are no improvements which can be made up to cost cap.

They must provide:

  • Provide a copy of the report from the surveyor (if EPC was not used)
  • Details, including date of installation of all recommended improvements made

 5 years

High Cost Exemption

  • No improvements can be made up to the cost cap
  • The cheapest recommended measure will exceed the cost cap

They must provide:

  • 3 quotes from qualified installers, showing costs would exceed cost cap
  • Written confirmation that the landlord is satisfied measure will exceed the cost cap

Wall Insulation Exemption

  • The only recommended improvements are; cavity wall insulation, external/internal wall insulation
  • AND, the landlord has written expert advice showing measures would negatively impact the fabric/structure of property

They must provide:

  • Copy of the written opinion of a relevant expert stating property cannot be improved to an EPC E due to insulation measure having negative impact on property

Third Party Consent Exemption

  • Improvements for the property need consent from another party
  • AND, consent cannot be obtained

They must provide:

  • Copies of correspondence/relevant documentation demonstrating consent was required and sought
  • Consent was refused/granted subject to conditions that the landlord could not reasonably comply with

Property Devaluation Exemption

  • The landlord can prove improvements would devalue the property by more than 5%
  • Landlords will need a surveyor that:
    • Is on the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) register
    • They advise the works will devalue the property by more than 5%

They must provide:

    • A copy of the report prepared by an independent RICS which provides evidence that the installation will devalue the property

Temporary Exemption

They must provide:

  • The date at which they become the landlord for the property
  • The circumstances in which they became the landlord

6 months