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Renewables: Solar Battery Storage

Please note that currently, solar battery storage is not covered by government grants, however the Solar PV panels are likely to be. Visit the Financial Support Page for more info on current grants.

If you have Solar Photovoltaic Panels on your roof, they will generate electricity during the day to use in your home. However, at night you will still have to buy electricity from your supplier. 

Normally, any electricity generated in the day that you don't use leaves your property and is used by the local electricity grid. You may get paid for this through the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). However, with a battery storage unit, you can store surplus solar electricity and use it to power your house at night, reducing your energy bills and protecting you from future energy price increases.

The following graphs show a typical PV system with and without battery storage. Please note that actual patterns will vary according to personal routine, season and position of the solar PV system.

Stand-alone PV system:

Source: Domestic Batteries, National Energy Action (2019).

PV with integrated battery storage:

Source: Domestic Batteries, National Energy Action (2019).

A battery can last between 5 to 15 years so will likely need replacing more than once over the lifespan of your Solar PV panels (approx 25 years).

For a more detailed guide on solar battery storage, you can refer to BRE's Batteries and Solar Power guide:

Batteries and Solar Power: Guidance for domestic and small commercial consumers

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*Figures are taken from GreenMatch and the Energy Saving Trust April 2022 figures