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Could You Be Eligible for Support and Help? The Priority Service Register

9 October 2019

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What is the Priority Service Register?

The Priority Service Register (PSR) is a free service which is provided by suppliers and network operators to customers in need. If you find it difficult to deal with your energy supply or bills, and would like extra help, then you may qualify for the PSR.

What help can you get through the PSR?

Each energy supplier runs their own PSR, the support they offer will vary, but there are the several key benefits they offer:

  • Help with understanding your bills. Account and bill information can be in supplied in large print or braille.
  • Advance notice of power cuts. Advance notice of any planned cuts to power for any length of time.
  • Priority support in emergency situations. In the event of an unplanned supply interruption which is expected to last longer than a couple of hours, your network operator can provide alternative heating and cooking facilities.
  • Caller identification scheme. Your energy company will agree a form of identification with the householder, such as a password, when they send anyone to your home.
  • Nominee scheme. Vulnerable customers can request their statement, bills and other communications from your energy supplier are sent to a nominated person.
  • Help with your metering. If your meter is in an inaccessible location, you can ask for it to be moved to an easier to reach place, or have someone come in to read your meter for you. 

Are you eligible?

To be eligible for the PSR, energy companies require you to be classed as “vulnerable”, but what classes you as vulnerable?

  • Are disabled or have long-term health conditions
  • Are disabled or chronically sick
  • Have a long-term medical condition
  • Have mental health problems
  • Have a hearing or visual impairment
  • Don’t speak or read English well
  • Have children under 5 or are pregnant
  • Have reached your State Pension age

Please note, if your situation isn’t listed above, you may still be able to sign up for priority services for other reasons.

How to apply for the PSR

To apply to be added onto your energy suppliers PSR, simply contact your energy supplier. You can find their contact details on your energy bill, or if you don’t have one to hand, go onto the Ofgem’s website to find out “Who is my gas or electricity supplier?”.

If you have two different suppliers for electricity and gas, you will need to contact them both. If you decided to switch suppliers, you will need to register for the service again with the new energy supplier.

If you still feel like you want more information, please download the document below or visit Ofgem’s website and the Citizens Advice website.

The Priority Service Register

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