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Energy efficiency in community facilities

If you want to lower the carbon consumption/fuel bills of a community building that you are connected to, then the following  is a useful guide to identifying areas that need improving.

Energy Efficiency in Community Buildings

Community funding

From time to time there is funding to help local organisations lower carbon emissions and become involved in energy or low carbon related projects.

Funding for Energy Efficiency in Community Buildings

Other community funding and grants can be found on the Community Energy England website. Funding opportunities include:

Community renewable energy projects – Energy Co-operatives

Community renewable energy projects raise capital by issuing shares to potential investors from their local community. The resulting profits from the sale of the energy to the grid/Feed in Tariff are then shared between the landowners, shareholders, with the remainder put into local community benefit projects.

An active renewable energy co-operative is Energy4All who often have details of new community energy schemes ready to be released.