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Help for businesses

If you’re a small to medium sized business, Action Surrey is here to help you to reduce your energy costs, and your carbon footprint.

 ...most businesses could save 10% off their energy bills through no or relatively low cost measures

– Carbon Trust

Specialist Business Energy Consulatancy

We work with specialist consultants who are able to audit and assess your business to find ways to reduce energy costs. Contact us to find out more, or ring 0800 783 2503.

To get an idea of what we offer, explore the factsheets below:

Our energy audits

On-site renewable generation

Electric vehicles

Financial options

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards legislation for businesses

Installer network

Action Surrey has a network of trusted installers that are able to carry out energy efficiency improvements such as heating and lighting upgrades, insulation and renewable technologies in commercial properties. By calling us, you can access these installers and obtain quotes for the improvements you wish to undertake.

Advice and resources

Managing the energy consumption of a commercial enterprise can often seem to be a complex endeavour. To make things easier, below is a list of resources that we have put together to help businesses better manage their energy use:

Save money by changing behaviours in your workplace

One of the first steps you should take to improve the energy efficiency of your business is to make sure your staff understand why energy use is so important, and teaching them how they can reduce this at work. 

The following is a great guide on how to go about doing this, from the Carbon Trust:

Carbon Trust - Creating an awareness campaign

ESOS – Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme

For businesses with more than 250 employees, the government has now introduced a mandatory scheme to carry out energy assessments to identify where they could make savings on their energy use/costs.

To find out more about this obligation, look at this government guide to implimenting ESOS:

Guide to implementing Energy Saving Opportunities

Alternatively, businesses that have implemented ISO50001 are automatically qualified through the ESOS scheme. ISO50001 is essentially and energy management system appropriate to most businesses, giving them a formal structure through which they can control their energy use.

For more information, see the below guide published by Edie: 

Edie explains ISO50001

Business energy tariffs

Finding the cheapest available fuel tariff for your needs is crucial to managing your energy costs.  Ofgem has provided a useful guide to help you understand how to do this: 

Switch energy supplier and shop for a better deal