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Energy Saving Guide

28 September 2022

  • Saving energy

If you want to make a  difference to your energy bills , read and do all these free simple actions.

✓ If you have, use a timer for your central heating so that it switches itself only when required. Setting it just before waking up and before you go to sleep are good habits.

✓ If you have a cylinder thermostat set the temperature at 60 degrees Celsius, that is the standard recommendation.

✓ If you have a combi boiler, you can also lower the hot temperature on the controllers

✓ Use an insulation jacket for any cylinder tanks that do not currently have one. Can save £35 a year!

✓ Close the curtains at evening time to prevent heat escape and check for draughts in these areas. With simple DIY you can also block air currents.

✓ Close bedrooms doors that are not in use. Consider also turning the TRV control down if the room is not used often.

✓ Turn lights off when you are not using them and if possible, replace light bulbs to LED. Can save £40 a year!

✓ Don’t leave appliances on standby or electrical devices charging unnecessary. You can also use a switch timer to disconnect the appliance from the main plug at a certain time. Can save £55 a year!

✓ Use laptops/tablets/iPad instead of Desktops. Can save £25 a year!

✓ Use lids when cooking, this way you can heat things faster with the same amount of energy as keeping the food as hot as possible.

✓ When doing washing try to fill up the laundry/ dryer /dishwasher as much as you can. One full load uses less energy than two half loads.

✓ Drying clothes in a clothe line instead of a dryer. Can save £35 a year!

✓ Use a lower temperature when washing clothes and select ECO mode if you have one or a fast washing.

✓ Only boil as much hot water as needed. Kettles are one of the kitchen appliances that use most electric. Can save £11 a year!

✓ Avoid placing hot food in the fridge or freezer.

✓ Fix leaking taps and use a water efficient shower head. Could save £55 a year!

✓ Have shorter showers

✓ Using a bowl to wash up rather than a running tap. Could save £25 a year!

✓ Install a smart meter if your supplier can provide one, a display will show your use in real time and you will become more aware of your usage and where it is coming from.

✓ Shop around energy suppliers to compare prices or change tariffs.