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Affordable housing and energy efficiency

9 December 2016

  • Energy and sustainability policy
  • Energy home improvements

Matthew Thompson discusses whether its time we invest in our existing housing stock, instead of just building new ones.

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The importance of (not) being idle

24 November 2016

  • Saving energy

It's been a tough year for our environment, and lots of political and economic changes have left us puzzled. Steve Holbrook tells us what he thinks individuals can do to make a difference, despite the madness.

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A short guide to Smart Meters

14 November 2016

  • Energy billing

Heard of smart meters, but not sure what they mean for you? This guide aims to enlighten you on the key facts.

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A guide to our new website

9 November 2016

  • Community

We’ve just launched our new website helping local residents and organisations to reduce energy costs, environmental impact, and to stay warm too. But what exactly is on here? This article will show you some key features we think you will find useful.

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