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More Surrey Households Can Qualify for Funding!

15 January 2020

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  • Energy home improvements

More Surrey residents who live in properties that are costly to heat can now receive funding support to stay warm.

The eligibility criteria for grant funding towards loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation and broken boilers has changed! Previously, for the household to be considered harder to heat, your property would have to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) energy efficiency rating of an E or below. As of late last year, this has now changed and properties with an EPC energy efficiency of a D or below will be considered harder to heat.

As well as this, the eligibility criteria for those who have a vulnerability to the cold has been expanded.  Now, provided the household is on a lower to medium income, if someone living in your property has a vulnerability to the cold, then no energy efficiency rating is needed to qualify. Vulnerabilities to the cold can include living with someone with medical conditions, with someone over the age of 65 or under the age of 5. Our trained energy advisors can confirm all the criteria and your eligibility over the phone.  

These changes have been made based on recommendations from central government and allows Action Surrey to assist more Surrey residents to gain funding for energy efficiency measures.

The full eligibly criteria are as follows:

  1. You receive an eligible benefit, or
  2. Your property is considered harder to heat and you receive a lower to medium income, or
  3. Someone in the property has a vulnerability to the cold and you receive a lower to medium income.

Grant funding is available towards the cost of:

  • Loft insulation,
  • Cavity wall insulation,
  • Solid wall insulation,
  • Boiler replacement (broken or uneconomical to repair).

Please note that grant funding may not cover the full cost of the work and a contribution from the resident may be needed.

In addition to the measures above, Action Surrey’s network of installers are also able to install the following energy efficiency measures:

  • Room-in-roof insulation,
  • Park home insulation,
  • Renewable energy technology,
  • Double glazing and external doors,
  • Energy efficient lighting,
  • Draught proofing,

To check you eligibility for support or to find out more visit the Action Surrey website: or call us on 0800 583 2503.