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Encouraging more sustainable behaviour - our campaign for change

31 May 2018

It has been an exciting time around the Action Surrey desks recently, as over the last two months, we have challenged the rest of the office - Thameswey, who manage the Action Surrey project - to a behaviour change campaign focused on climate positive changes. To do this, we used Do Nation, a great online platform that facilitated the campaign from start to finish.

What we did

Each person chose one or more ‘Pledges’ for things that they were going to change for the two months. This ranged from easier pledges such as fully turning off IT equipment to more challenging pledges such as eating vegan one day a week or growing your own vegetables. As there were 57 to choose from, there was at least one for everybody and many chose to do many more – over four on average! To make things more interesting, we made it a competition where each team in the office were pitted against each other to see which could make the most positive changes. See our leaderboard below.

How did we do?

Incredibly well: over just two months, we saved 828kg CO2, 1138L of water and 280kg of waste! This was calculated from a survey completed on completion of each pledge. Additionally, based on how likely we were to carry on our pledges, we could save 4.5 tonnes of CO2 every year from these simple changes – how good is that? It really supports Do Nation’s mantra that small actions add up to big changes.

Would we recommend it?

Absolutely! The website is very easy to use and each pledge, or ‘Do Action’, has plenty of tips to help you complete it, as well as a detailed description of the benefits each action has (e.g. time, money, health and of course environmental). The leaderboards are great too as they help to maintain engagement and increase competition.

If you want to find out more about our campaign or Do Nation, simply email and we will be happy to help.