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LoCASE Grant Funding in Surrey

8 December 2021

LoCASE offers small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) grants of up to £10,000, along with an environmental training scheme and events. The funding is available for businesses to implement energy efficiency measures, or business development for companies providing green services.

Eligible Businesses Include:


  • SMEs who sell products or services
  • Under 250 employees
  • Annual turnover of less than €50M (~£44M)
  • Annual balance sheet under €43M (~£39M)
  • State aid of less than €200k (~£180k)


  • All charities
  • State aid of less than €200k (~£180k)

Note: If another firm owns more than a quarter of your company or you own more than a quarter in another firm, they must meet the above criteria.


Grant Funding

  • Minimum £1,000 and up to £10,000
  • 40% of eligible expenditure
  • Towards energy efficiency and sustainability measures, product development, marketing

Project Examples

Energy Efficiency Measures such as

-          Remote access projects (i.e. video conferencing, VPN, Cloud)

-          Lighting – LEDs, controls, sensors, Building control systems

-          Mileage saving projects along with fleet management software, dual fuel systems, sustainable travel planning

-          Heating – replacement boilers/burners, zone control, heat recovery, oil to gas, thermal stores

-          Recycling and waste processing equipment

-          Solar thermal, geo-thermal, heat pumps, Insulation, Ventilation – air circulation systems

-          Electricity generation incl. Solar photovoltaic

Non-Financial Support

-          Steps to Environment Management Training

-          Collaboration building networking events

-          1 to 1 business support

  • Environmentally Focussed Businesses, Green or LCREE/EGSS Businesses

(SMEs in the Low Carbon and Renewable Energy Economy/Environmental Goods and Services Sectors, businesses which sell green products or services such as plumbing, electrical, waste, landscaping, environmental management and assessment, architecture and water processing can apply for a business development grant):

Business Development Projects

-          Certification, accreditation & verification incl. consultancy costs

-          Product development and research, specialist fees

-          Plant, equipment & machinery, materials and equipment for research and development, facilities hire e.g. specialist lab facilities for testing

-          IT software, hardware, phone systems

-          Marketing and advertising, website development costs

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