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Insulation: Room-in-Roof

If you are considering converting your loft into a room, then you will need to get this insulated to ensure that it is a warm, habitable space. If you are not converting your loft space to a habitable room, read about loft insulation to ensure you don't heat this area unneccessarily. 

How does room-in-roof insulation work?

This is typically done by fixing rigid insulation boards between the rafters of the roof, and then covering these boards over with plasterboard. Flexible insulation or thermal lining boards can also be used, although sometimes these are less effective.

If you already have a room in your roof but you notice that it gets particularly cold, then it may need rafter insulation. It is possible to do this, although the room will need to be redecorated after completion. As with loft insulation, ventilation may be required.

You can save up to £400 per year through room in roof insulation. The costs can vary significantly depending on the size, and grants will normally only include insulating the loft floor.

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